Tyner, Tennessee is a small city located in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Tennessee. The population hovers around 10,000 people and offers all the same amenities you would find in any other midsize city. Tyner is home to many different industries including manufacturing, healthcare, education, and retail services that offer jobs for locals without having to commute far from their homes. More can be found here.

This midsize city is a place for families and those looking for a slower-paced lifestyle. There’s plenty to do in Tyner, Tennessee from attending the annual festival celebrating our high school football team, hosting holiday celebrations at area churches or simply going on an evening walk with your significant other or kids around town. Let’s just take a moment to get to know Tyner, Tennessee a little better, and then we’ll take an in-depth look at the town’s history. Here you can find out what makes Tyner such a great place to call home. Visit more about Signal Mountain, Tennessee: Start Your Adventure.

Tyner, Tennessee is one of the fastest-growing areas in our state and it’s no wonder. Within just thirty minutes from Nashville or Knoxville, there are plenty of jobs available for people who want small-town living with big city access. This town includes some of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls along scenic hiking trails just minutes away from Main Street where you can visit quaint shops and enjoy delicious eateries while enjoying views that will take your breath away.