Ridgeside is a small town in Tennessee, USA. Ridgeside offers visitors the chance to explore and learn about Appalachian culture, history, and heritage. Ridgeside is at the path of tomorrow with new roads being developed as well as their own attractions such as antique stores, arts & crafts shops, boutiques and restaurants. Ridgeside also offers hiking trails and fishing opportunities for those who enjoy outdoor activities or hunting for that perfect catch! Ridgeside’s population has grown by 50% since 2000. Visit this link for more information.

The Ridgeside Community Center is a great place for families to come and play while they learn about the Appalachian culture or explore one of the many activities that are offered in our community center. Read more about Red Bank, Tennessee: City of Freedom here.

Ridgeview Drive-A drive-through history where you can step back in time and see what life was like during different periods of America’s past. Visitors will be able to tour homes from different eras as well as farmland with livestock raised on it. The Ridgeview Drive consists of farms and barns dating back over 200 years old, representing each generation since 1700 when Ridgeside was founded by Quakers who weren’t allowed to own slaves. The Ridgeside Attraction has been open since 1994. Ridgeside, Tennessee is a great place for visitors to experience the wonders of Appalachia.