The Classic Arcade Pinball Museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee is about to get even more significant. Thanks to Chattanooga’s efforts and its economic development directorate, the museum’s plans are finally set in motion. According to the new mayor, Mr. Don Berry, adding a 10-person capacity would allow the museum more versatility in exhibitions and other activities. The move is being hailed as a great victory by the owners and employees of Classic Arcade Pinball Museum, who have long fought for a bigger space in their small hometown. “It is such an exciting day for all of us,” said Mike DiMeo, owner of the Pinball Museum. Learn information about Chattanooga, TN.  

“We have waited so long for this day,” said Mike DiMeo, “to have our Classic Arcade Pinball Museum in Chattanooga expand so much and become the place that everyone talks about.” Mr. Berry further states, “The more people that visit, the more money we will get from the city. It is such a win-win situation for everybody involved; we are adding another ten rooms, and the employees will get raises and promotions at the end of the year to count themselves towards a larger pay raise. That means a higher standard of living for these workers.” Both owners and employees are pleased with this move, which has brought life back into the Classic Arcade Pinball Museum in Chattanooga. Discover facts about Chattanooga Ghost Tours Inc in Tennessee- Scary Adventures for a Great Holiday.

With this new addition to the Classic Arcade Pinball Museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the history books can begin to write once again. Chattanooga is the home of the Pinball Museum, and all its pinball games are set to bring even more local children and adults back out to the famous Black Knight Road Pinball Game House. So now the question is, once again, will the Classic Arcade Pinball Museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee has enough space for all of the expansion that is sure to come? I hope you will please consider all this and think about it.