Chattanooga Ghost Tours Inc is a nonprofit, center-based paranormal activity company whose main office facility is in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This tour company conducts exciting and thrilling ghostly experiences, haunted house tours, poltergeist-related experiences, spiritual tours, and haunted hotel tours throughout the United States of America. Ghost Tours and Scariest Haunts are not a new company; however, it has just grown significantly over the years and is now one of the leading tours and adventure companies in the southern region of the United States of America. Chattanooga Ghost Tours Inc is dedicated to thrill-seekers and investigates the paranormal in an all-natural and safe way while at the same time providing an enjoyable and educational trip and leisure experience. Learn more here.

Chattanooga Ghost Tours Inc offers tours of many popular haunted locations, which include: The Chattanooga Museum of Art & History, historic Chattanooga hotels, riverbanks, cemeteries, plantations, old plantation homes and bridges, historical cemeteries, landmark plantations and woods, a gigantic aquarium, landmark gardens, and nature trails. The tour company organizes exciting ghostly activity experiences, haunted house tours, ghostly walking tours, poltergeist related tours, paranormal investigation tours, supernatural walking and hiking tours, haunted museum tours, paranormal TV shows, ghost & ghoul hunting, and ghost & Halloween displays at major events around the Chattanooga area. These exciting and thrilling tours and adventures are designed to satisfy the thrill-seeking individual and family groups and professional investigators and researchers. The company strives to bring thrill and excitement to its clients and their group members. Chattanooga Ghost Tours Inc. is also proud to be associated with The Chattanooga Museum of Art & History, The Chattanooga Film Festival, The Chattanooga Landmark, The Chattanooga Symphony, The Franklin Historic House, The Chattanooga Landmark Society, The Tennessee Department of Tourism, The Chattanooga Choo festival and The Historic Chattanooga Site. Learn more about Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga, Tennessee РA Fun Journey.

The company is one of the leading ghost and Halloween tour companies globally and is extremely popular among its guest participants and guests. Chattanooga ghost tours attract a wide variety of visitors, including many established ghost hunters and enthusiasts, television personalities, celebrities, high-profile politicians, dignitaries, corporate personalities, corporate agents, prominent authors, and well-known individuals. A growing number of people from all walks of life enjoy exciting and thrilling ghost and Halloween activities in the unique setting and ambiance of Chattanooga, Tennessee.